Build relationships with the right Education insiders. 

At EEV, we connect our clients with a broad spectrum of Education insiders. increasing velocity and growth. For example, EEV works closely with Public Affairs and Advocacy agencies in key states across the country. Our strategic partners in this area provide well-honed services including direct lobbying, coalition building, stakeholder engagement and policy development.

“Douglas and Evan bring a rich background, working in the broader Education field and have an unmatched network of companies, products, and people. I honestly feel like they know everyone in the space, or have a key contact to put them in touch with anyone. Their expertise and knowledge of strategic relationships is unparalleled. Evan and Douglas are my “go-to” team with new ideas, when I need to network, or when strategic consulting is required.”

Lauren Starnes, Ed.D., Ph.D.
Vice President of Early Childhood Education Research and Development
Primrose Schools