What We Do

As technology and consumer expectations transform the K12 and Early Childhood landscape, EEV provides a combined 50+ years of experience and access to an unmatchable network to help our clients strive and thrive. We deliver for our clients in three key areas:

Revenue-Generating Relationships

We’re in constant pursuit of enterprise-level relationships that deliver meaningful revenue streams for our clients, both for the short-term and the long-term. Areas of focus include state-wide deals, district-level deals, sponsorship program development and sales execution, non-profit/for-profit collaborations, investor relations and M&A assignments.

Marketing Strategies

We sharpen our clients’ message, improve their marketing effort, and elevate them to market-leading positions within their Education vertical – Early Childhood, K12, Career College or Higher Education.

Product Development

EEV provides guidance on developing products and solutions, and bringing them to market. We also identify financing strategies, and develop partner/investor relationships that last.