Business Development

Shape your investment and growth opportunities with confidence. 

You began with an idea. You’ve taken that idea and are running hard with it, and it’s gaining momentum. Enter EEV with BD adrenaline. We help our clients leverage existing market positions, identify new markets, define solutions, and articulate messaging. Our business development process synthesizes five critical factors: 

• Offerings (products and services) 

• Served Markets (audience and geography) 

• Funding (investor relations, federal and state programs) 

• Relationships (new clients and strategic partnerships) 

• Solutions Development (alignment and pricing) 

Start a conversation with one of our specialists and learn how to get traction on your next big idea.

“Leading Ed Solutions (LES) exists to create the conditions and structure for the most influential K12 leaders to make the best decisions possible. Evan and Douglas of EEV are uniquely positioned to deliver for their clients – including LES – given their deep relationships with education influencers. They understand our landscape, and they build the critical business relationships we need to drive our mission. Most importantly, they believe in us and work side-by-side with us as we pursue success for all.”

Dr. Jeff Rose
President/CEO of Leading Ed Solutions LLC
Former K12 Superintendent, Beaverton OR and Fulton County GA